Phoropter Service

Phoropter Service

A phoropter is an essential part of your practice, and its service and repairs are required to maintain optical accuracy. To keep a phoropter in optimal working order, it is important to periodically disassemble the entire unit so that all of its moving parts can be stripped of old lubricant, thoroughly cleaned and properly lubricated. We generally recommend having a phoropter cleaned and serviced at least once per year, or more often if you have a high-volume practice. With our extensively trained team, you can rest assured that you will be serviced by the best technicians in the industry.

We offer finance options for any combination of design, build and/or equipment purchases.

  • Preserve Capital
  • Control your cash flow
  • Potential tax savings
  • Fast Approvals
  • 100% Financing for Design, Build, New and Used Equipment

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We excel in today’s market because we provide what stands in the way for many clients: construction & equipment knowledge, convenience, and time.

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