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DAS Digital Acuity System

The DAS Digital Acuity System. Everything you need at a fraction of the price!  The DAS system is designed around the latest in Android technology.  Low power consumption, monitor flexibility, fast, sharp concise graphics and an endless amount of media power are contained in a computer the size of a large thumb drive.  The DAS system has all the most popular acuity tests at a fraction of the price of most popular brands sold today.  MADE IN THE USA!

  • Easy & Quick Install
  • Hi Definition LED HD 22 inch monitor
  • Distance from 8ft to 24ft with mirror or direct view
  • Remote control
  • VESA wall mount
  • Easy install instructions
  • Simple to understand battery remote
  • Snellen, Childrens ,E’s, Numbers, Contrast
  • Color tests, Aux tests, Red/green
  • Movies, Photos (add your own)
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