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Nidek ARK-700A Auto Refractor/Keratometer ARK

Marco ARK-700A Auto Refractor/Keratometer ARK

The Nidek ARK-700A is an easy-to-use combo autorefractor/keratometer. The objective refraction and K readings can be read at the same time or one at a time. The Marco ARK-700A can store up to 20 readings and then average them, and it can take three or more readings per eye. The left and right are easily distinguished for comparability. The instrument easily accommodates patients with intraocular lenses, and uses the single picture target.

  • Motorized optical head monitors patient gaze and self-aligns
  • Automated measurement mode auto-fires when properly aligned
  • Up to three measurements captured at once– 20 measurements averaged
  • Intra Ocular Lens, and Keratometry measurement modes
  • Auto thermal line printer
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