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Nidek AFC-210 Non-Mydriatic Automated Fundus Camera

Nidek AFC-210 Non-Mydriatic Auto Fundus Camera

The AFC-210 Pro Photographer takes true 45° images, without any cropping, and very high resolution of 12.8 mega pixel images. This camera delivers superior diagnostic detail, meeting government standards and reading center criteria for diabetic retinopathy screening.

The highly automated design is so simple to use that, someone with limited experience, can take professional quality retina images after just a few minutes of guidance. The AFC-210 Pro Photographer is ideal for busy optometry or ophthalmology offices, where staff turn-over can be a reoccurring challenge. With this camera, anyone can easily take excellent retina images, even externals.

These high resolution images are optimal for early diagnostic diabetic screening. Diabetes is one of the world’s fastest growing pandemics, increasingly effecting the population. Early diabetic screening can vastly improve diabetic care, and reduce needless vision loss. Development and implementation of standardized diabetic screening will not only give early detection, and but also improve the ability to treat diabetes earlier.

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