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Reichert RK600 Autorefractor/Keratometer AR/AK

Reichert RK600 Autorefractor/Keratometer AR/AK

The RK600 is compact, lightweight and incorporates a thermal printer with automatic paper cutting to provide a hard copy printout of results. Fully refurbished and ready to get to work for you!

A comfortable chinrest and headrest, familiar joystick control and automatic measurement modes make the RK600 easy for any operator to use and comfortable for any patient being measured.

The RK600 is also extremely accurate. Independent testing on human subjects comparing the RK600 against other autorefractors, and against subjective refraction values, demonstrated that the RK600 is as accurate as autorefractors that sell for thousands of dollars more

  • Contact lens measurement 
  • Pupil distance measurement 
  • LCD color monitor and menu screen settings
  • Wide measurement range
  • Fast and easy measurement
  • Kerato-peripheral measurement
  • 2.3 mm minimum pupil diameter and 3-step target light adjustment 
  • IOL Measurement
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